FG Initiatives

FG Initiatives

Highland Middle School Initiatives

Through our partnership with Highland Middle School we were able to assist in building a 6th Grade summer orientation program to aid students and parents in their transition from Elementary School. We will also be launching an After School Mentorship Program in the Spring. In addition to providing volunteer support and advertising support for various HMS events and programs.

Johnsonville Elementary School Initiatives

Through our partnership with Johnsonville Elementary School we were able to provide tutors for the after-school tutoring program, which resulted in the school exceeding growth, achieving top 7% in the state and #1 in Harnett County School in Student Growth for the 2017-2018 school year. We provided volunteer support for numerous events, to include but not limited to: Open House, Report Card Conference, Awards Days, Parent Night, Talent Show, Book Fair, and Science Fair. We also sponsored a Career Day for the students to learn about potential future career paths.

Western Harnett Community Meet & Greet

Based off a need for better communication and collaboration between our Community Focus Areas, we implemented a Bi-Monthly Community Meet and Greet. During the Meet and Greet we welcome families, local businesses, non-profits and educators to come out and discuss community needs and the best way we can work together to meet those needs. As a result of the meet and greets we are looking to plan community events, integrate our youth into the various community endeavors and decrease duplication of effort among the various entities within our community. 

FG Kids “Be the Change” 2018 Summer Camp

Through our partnerships with the NC State Cooperative Extension Harnett County 4-H program and Johnsonville Elementary School, we were able to host three, two-day Summer Camps for youth grades K-5. The fantastic 4-H team was able to teach the youth about healthy eating habits, and the youth were able to learn multiple ways to cook various items. A combination of various teenaged youth and adults from our community also volunteered in doing various crafts, physical activities and story time.

Community Outdoor Little Libraries

Through our partnerships with Harnett County Parks and Recreation, Harnett County Public Library, and RHW Woodworks we were able to build two outdoor little libraries and present one of the two at Anderson Creek Park. The second outdoor little library will be placed at Barbecue Creek Park. Through these Outdoor Little Libraries placed strategically within Harnett County Parks we hope to promote both youth and adult literacy in a recreational environment. The premise behind Outdoor Little Libraries is that users can bring one and take one to support the sustainment of these boxes.