Facing Giants Inc. is a 501(c)(3) / tax exempt non-profit organization dedicated to community outreach and youth mentorship and is based out of Harnett County, North Carolina. The organization consists of community members who have a vested interest in shifting the culture in order to bring about change and alter the stigma associated with the next generation.


Our technique for conducting this is by partnering with the Seven Community Influences. Each of these Community Influences has a great impact on the life of a child at each phase of their life. We believe that when these Seven Community Influences unite we can together cause a great change in not only the our Community but our World, as well.

Community Influences


Facing Giants is a bridge to a stronger community for generations to come. Giants will become a bridge by connecting the next generation with the Seven Areas of Influence: Religion, Family, Government, Media, Business, Education, and Arts & Entertainment.


Families are the foundation of the “building block” to the overall values, beliefs and example to determine how individuals will live out their life among others in the community.


Creates policies that impact application of influence on youth (such as how entities and people can interact with youth).  Creates standards youth must strive for in school.  Sets economic development standards and initiatives for community which influences youth & families.


Resources that sway opinion in issues, beliefs, and importance of life through television, newspaper, articles, social media, internet, and radio stations. Media’s influence can either have a positive impact of the importance of individuals in the community or can stir them towards misguided perceptions.


Important to expose youth to skills they can use in all areas, plus various jobs they may pursue.  Help them connect passions to purpose to careers.  Business is everywhere, in all forms, which allows a wide area of influence that can reach youth with various interests.  By connecting with local business owners, Facing Giants can facilitate connections that allow youth to learn about various job opportunities as well as internships to learn people skills and communication skills.  The youth can then see community needs that could lead to future reinvestment in the community which supports continued economic growth.


At Facing Giants, we believe that knowledge is power. Ensuring are youth have the tools needed to academically excel comes first. We will work with our county educational system to provide quality tutoring services to ensure educational success. Our youth spend most of their time at school within the school year. This provides a significant opportunity to impact positively or negatively within this area, taking advantage of the good opportunity to bridge from the school to positive resources/outlets/contacts will set our youth and community up for success.

Arts & Entertainment

Provides a voice for information but also an outlet for creativity and self reflection.  We grow through art.  Art demonstrates cultural context of a community.  It also helps to develop life-long skills such as analytical thinking, clarity in written and spoken expression, collaboration, and creativity.


Religion is important to internal development of a person and external attributes as people live out their faith.  We believe it is important to be aware of this aspect to promote acceptance across diverse connections.